Personal Development at Brooke

At Brooke Primary Academy, the personal development of each and every child is extremely important to us. We have designed our curriculum to provide memorable and inspirational experiences for the children. Our curriculum extends beyond the classroom; we offer opportunities for our children after school, during school holidays and at weekends; experiences that develop the whole child and which they will remember for years to come.

A sample of what we offer is listed below.


During KS2, each child will have the opportunity to attend a residential or activity day. The experience develops the whole child, focusing on developing our Brooke values. The activities provide opportunities for the children to work together, developing confidence, resilience and perseverance. We have carefully selected the locations of the activities to further support our academic curriculum, including venues in the local area and other partrs of the UK

Year 3 – 1 day team building activities at Go Ape

Year 4 – 2 day, 1 night outdoor adventure and camping at Austerfield / Castleton

Year 5 – 1 night camping / sleepover at The deep (Hull)

Year 6 – 3 day, 2 night outdoor adventure and camping at PGL Lincolnshire / London City break

The Values Compass

At Brooke Primary Academy, in collaboration with our children and parents and as part of our bespoke curriculum, we provide opportunities for our children to develop essential skills and engage in ‘memory making’ experiences, linked to our 6 school values.

Each ‘opportunity’ helps to develop our Academy values, providing key life skills and above all, ensure that our pupils look back on their learning journey with pride and fondness.

Out of Hours provision

Our role does not finish at 3.15. We work closely with local companies and the community to improve the range of available activities for the children at the end of the school day, at weekends and during the school holidays.

Extra Curricular clubs – our offer caters for all interests, including sport, arts and crafts, drama and music.

Family and Friends events – throughout the year we offer events and activities to involve parents, children and the residents of our community. Events have included The Choir and Orchestra concert, Rugby League weekend matches and Fruit picking in our orchard over the summer holiday.

Holiday Club – working with KIXX and supported by HAF funding, throughout the school holidays we provide free activities and events. The clubs are available to children across Doncaster. During the 2022 summer holiday, our offer covered the full 6 weeks, with activities including bouncy castles, We Can Grow, Caged Steel Martial Arts and bikeability, all free of charge!

Youth Club – From September 2022 we will be running a Friday Youth Club for children in years 5 – 7.

Young Leaders

We have a range of leadership roles available to the children throughout the year, including:

Student Council Representatives

Healthy Learning Healthy Lives Representatives

Community Ambassadors

Maths Champions


Reading Champions

House Captains

To find out more, please see the separate tab on the website.

Further information and resources

High Expectations and Progress: The school sets high expectations for all pupils, which are being met. Parents appreciate the support and information provided by the staff and are pleased with the progress their children make.

Support for SEND: The school effectively identifies and supports pupils with special educational needs and/or disabilities (SEND), involving parents in the assessment process and adapting lessons to help these pupils build new knowledge.

Early Years Provision: The early years setting promotes positive relationships and collaboration among children. Adults model effective communication and use assessment well to engage children in their learning.

School Environment: The academy is described as a warm and welcoming place where pupils feel safe and happy. Respectful and positive relationships are central to the school’s environment.

Anti-Bullying: Pupils respect each other, believe in the school’s values, and feel confident that any issues, including bullying, would be resolved quickly by adults.

Safeguarding: The school has effective safeguarding arrangements, creating an open and positive culture that prioritises pupils’ interests.

Positive Behaviour: Changes in how behaviour is managed have helped pupils reflect on their feelings and make better choices. This has resulted in positive behaviour during lessons and playtimes.

Promotion of Values: Pupils learn about diversity and British values through various activities and demonstrate positive attitudes and respect for others. The school also encourages community involvement, such as the choir singing in residential homes and helping at the local food bank.

Reading and Phonics: The school is committed to ensuring all pupils learn to read. Effective training and support for teachers, along with appropriate reading materials and catch-up sessions, help pupils read accurately and confidently.

Curriculum and Learning: The curriculum is well-considered, building on previous learning to deepen understanding. While assessment systems need improvement, the school’s overall approach helps in identifying and supporting pupils’ needs.

Extracurricular Activities: There is a wide range of clubs available, such as football, rugby, forest school, and choir, which help develop pupils’ talents and interests.

Governance and Leadership: Trustees and governors are skilled and committed, regularly visiting the school and maintaining an accurate picture of its operations to ensure continued improvement.

Overall Effectiveness: The school is rated “Good” in all categories, including quality of education, behaviour and attitudes, personal development, leadership and management, and early years provision.